Thursday, 10 November 2011

Maison Foo Present MEMOIRS OF A BISCUIT TIN @ The Nuffield Theatre

Last night I went to see Maison Foo perform their current show "Memoirs of Biscuit Tin" at The Nuffield. I was absolutely blown away by their gorgeous artful shabbiness, incredible physical characterization and the sheer inventiveness used to bring to life a really touching, human story.

Taking place in an abandoned house, the characters; wall, floor and chimney are searching for the old lady who used to inhabit the house. Through clowning and improvised puppetry, her memories and small stories are re-enacted by her crumbling house, building a picture of a real who is more than the dementia sufferer she ultimately became.

The piece was so moving and joyful at the same time, everyone should see this! Go to for more info and tour dates.  

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