Wednesday, 6 July 2011

As promised here are a selection of my favourite stalls from Artsmart...

Katie Spragg's beautiful jewellery really caught my eye. Made by screen printing drawings onto porcelain, Katie's pieces feature mythical beasts in sea greens and browns that evoke a vintage feel. Check out her blog to find out more..........

I'm sure anyone who visited Artsmart will remember Hiroko Matsushita's gorgeous stall "Paperholic". Which featured a range of delicate paper products including handmade crackers, cards shaped like cups of tea with biscuits and paper birds. Check out her blog or website to see her gorgeous paper cut messages displayed in gift boxes.

Lauren Mortimer's stunning pencil drawings depicting children have a lovely retro quality enhanced by her use of vintage audio visual equipment within her compositions. Lauren's illustrations are quirky and nostalgic, visiting her website is a

Kangan Arora Design produce beautifully individual textiles and signs which draw heavily on an indian design aesthetic with a distinctly modern edge. Check out her blog for the full product range and enjoy her gorgeous photographs at the same time! 

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